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Check out my new Blog page

Please check out my new blog page. at:

It's a different site. But is my own published writing. There you will find my Stories and articles.  Thank you for your support,


Halloween Special!

It's that time again. And I have another special just for you. I would like to do portraits for Halloween. Dress in your costume this Halloween. Upload your pic, and I will paint your portrait of you in costume. Free of charge!  

Please allow time for it to get here. And I'll paint you your portrait as soon as possible. Once I receive your photo I will paint them within 3 days. And I will send you a message of the picture in your inbox.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear members and visitors,


Today I am thankful for my family and friends. I consider all of you as friends. That support the artwork that I do. To be able to share my art gifts on this site. Is a step towards my goal. Creating art for many different people. I also would like to inform you all. That an organization called Lifewell, actually hung two of my art paintings on their wall. My artwork is being displayed there. And is possible for sale! 

So to end this note. I thought I would write what I'm thankful for, for Thanksgiving. And wishing you all A blessed Holiday Season.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



Halloween Special!

Hello members and visitors! Are you celebrating Halloween this weekend? Well here's a treat for you. If you send me pic's of you in costumes. I will personally paint you a real life portrait of you in the costume. Free of charge! So get in touch with me and upload your pic's by Halloween!



A special Thank you to visitors and members!

Dear visitors and members,


I cordially thank you all for making this website better than before. It really means a lot to me that you all support my artwork. As these paintings and drawings are coming from the heart. And that's the reason for this website. Is to create a loving environment. And displaying talent that was a gift from God to me. To be able to express my views on this world. To promote world peace, and create a safe place for family and friends. To inspire others to be creative. And to say why should it be so hard to to display artwork in art galleries, when you can have your own art gallery. Art is never meant to be neglected. To whoever creates their art talents in this world.  I hope I made you all think as I write this letter. Again Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 




Music is an art form
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If you noticed I uploaded a few music video's that have inspiration, and artistic excellence. I hope all of you like my music. I added them, because I feel music is an art form. I am not claiming these music videos as my own. I am only sharing them to inspire my art. And to inspire you.


Thanks for sharing,


Welcome to my New Web Site!

Welcome member's to my new Web Site! I have added many photos of artwork that I painted by hand myself.  This is my new Art Gallery. 


In case your wondering this site used to be called Angels Artwork. If you remember my old web site. I have come to a point to create this new web site before the software manufacturer deletes the old one. 

So I hope you enjoy this web site. I put a lot of work into it. 


Thankyou to everyone who supported me throughout the years. Friends and family. I welcome you to Anjalee's Art Gallery! 


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